…or how I got hooked on baking

I can trace my first real interest in baking back to when my twin girls were very young, just 2 or 3. I had just gotten divorced and I wanted to share an activity with them during our Daddy Weekends.

At first we all loved it. It was fun to engage in something together that was project-based, had some educational value, and the results (mostly) were tasty – check, check, check!

Over time the girls lost interest in baking with me, maybe because I was a tad too perfectionist.

“I told you, fold the batter gently into the middle! UGH, YOU’RE BRUISING THE BLUEBERRIES!”

Okay, I admit these were not my strongest parenting moments #ParentingFail. Despite these minor setbacks, though, I’m still baking nearly 15 years later.

I mostly make breakfast treats – scones, muffins, muffin tops, coffee cakes, pancakes (technically not baking, but I count it anyway) – as well as the occasional cake or crispy cookie (Daddy only likes crispy cookies, thank you very much.)

When I started working from home a couple years ago I began making dinner regularly as well, so now I have a trove of go-to recipes that (almost) #NeverFail to get kudos from my guinea p-, eh, family.

On these pages you can expect to find an assortment of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Many of them are branching recipes, meaning I make slight variations along the way to suit everyone’s individual tastes (no peas for this one, extra cheese for that one, a splash of Sriracha for the adults, and so on).

I hope you try them and like them – and if so, below please leave me your comments, ideas and suggestions!


The MakerBakerMan