I know what you’re thinking: How much could a lazy white dog have to say, right?

Well, think about it this way: there’s 24 hours in a day. A solid 18 of those hours I am stone-cold out. Like 6-beers-and-a-Percocet, shave-my-chest-hair-into-a-superhero, kind of out.

img_5236My man here knows what I’m talking about, don’t you bro?

Anyway, the rest of the time, like 6 hours or whatever, I’ve got nothing to do but think. Tick-tick-tick, thinking all the time.

Sure, I burn time some walking around the yard, sniffing my own pee, barking at that damn Cat, and that Squirrel, and don’t get me started on the Mailman, and the UPS guy. (Two of ’em! Why? Always coming around. It’s like the definition of insanity. They keep doing the same thing. I keep doing the same thing. Day after day. It’s a little weird, if you asked me.)

But otherwise, I got nothing but time to sit and ruminate on the world. And so I tweet. I sleep and I tweet. It’s what I do.

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Enjoy, bro. Enjoy.

– Lazy White Dog